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Industry trend

Flexible packaging green conform to the trend of the market demand for development

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In our country soft packaging market, fresh milk, fruit juice beverage packaging is in the ascendant, has a huge business opportunities, the field will be more and more broad, the application will become more and more popular.

Market competition is increasingly fierce environmental pressure is not small

The competitive pressure of the soft packaging industry is increasing, and it is influenced by the upstream industry (raw materials) and the downstream enterprises (customers), the living space of the flexible packaging enterprises is constantly being squeezed. Labor costs continue to rise, the staff frequently flow, homogenization of competition intensified, and a larger test is the soft packaging industry must face more and more environmental protection, safety, health and other relevant regulatory constraints.

In recent years, the industry leading and some key enterprises operating income has increased, but the profit is almost no growth or even negative growth. And many small and medium enterprises operating income and profit indicators are both decreased, and even the new replacement of the equipment load rate is at a serious low level.

In such a grim situation, more and more flexible packaging enterprises have begun to realize, the enterprise must real effort to understand the products of soft packaging real requirement, must packaging structure adjustment, must carry on the transformation and upgrading, in order to have room for improvement. And under the background of green environmental protection, flexible packaging enterprises from traditional processors to the whole solving scheme change providers is soft packaging industry is facing a historical opportunity.

Adhere to the green development

Green packaging will continue to be the consensus of the industry in 2016 and the trend of development, which will be more practical and promotional packaging companies. At the same time, the green packaging standards and system construction will be more productive.

With the worldwide environmental pressure is more and more, China's relevant government environmental protection supervision will continue to strengthen, more and more cities will join the ranks of air pollutant emission charges; and the source in the awakening of the awareness of green consumer, green packaging has become the embodiment of commercial soft power competition. In the new year, more companies will follow "4R1D" (low consumption, development of new green materials, reuse, recycle, degradation) principle, in terms of material of green environmental protection, energy saving equipment saving, cleaner production processes, waste recycling and processing technology to accelerate research and development, application and promotion.

2016, the industry will accelerate the establishment, improvement and introduction of a wider range of green printing standards and green printing evaluation system, will be more outstanding packaging companies incorporated into the standard construction and system certification. In the government to strengthen environmental regulation, eliminate backward production capacity at the same time, it is bound to strengthen the green printing policy guidance, the implementation of green printing enterprises to give greater policy support.

The development of flexible packaging needs to be guided by the buyer

Enterprises only grasp the technological innovation, in order to be in an invincible position in the complex and volatile market environment, technological innovation is an important driver of the development of the packaging industry.

With the continuous change of the packaging market and customer demand, coupled with on energy-saving, environmentally friendly products put forward higher requirements, to reduce raw material use, reduce energy consumption, shorten the production cycle for the target model of raw materials, hybrid technology, measurement and control technology become an enterprise to win market techniques.

At present, packaging printing enterprises more and pay more attention to technology innovation, each year on research and development (R & D) invested a lot of manpower and financial resources, to the superior patent technology, high quality products and low price products for market share.

Now, with variable data function of digital printing technology, realize green printing flexo printing technology development soon, the future packaging products to the reduction, lightweight, recovery and utilization, degradation direction development, production process, pay attention to green environmental protection and cost savings.

Looking to 2016, new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new systems in the field of packaging and printing will be worth looking forward to.

In our country soft packaging market, fresh milk, fruit juice beverage packaging is in the ascendant, has a huge business opportunities, the field will be more and more broad, the application will become more and more popular. In 2016, the soft packaging market especially liquid food aseptic paper (dairy products, fruit juice packing) will continue to get rapid development. Strong market demand, flexible packaging printing process also need to keep up with the requirements of green printing, green packaging.

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