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What are the characteristics of high-end brands?

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A unique brand proposition, unique style design.
Out of the ordinary, can let the human ears to talent shows itself. Dior Burberry, exaggerated romantic flower Hale classic plaid, Prada nylon and leather mix...... They have fixed the stereotype, whether designers change or pop elements changes, they all adhere firmly to the own personality, with strong personality to convince consumers to give variable fashionable, step after judgment of designer brands. It is for this reason, Zara can only do the high-end clothing fashion and become a high-end brands, it gave up the "style" of the requirements.
Higher prices: superior product quality, high product prices]
It goes without saying that the high-end brand means high quality products, high prices. From the three digits of the miracle perfume to four digit Ferragamo handmade shoes, to five digit LV suitcase, six digit Rolex watches, seven digits of the BMW 7 - Series Coupe will product prices high prices reflect incisively and vividly. Therefore, the high-end brand has become a manifestation of identity and social status.
Professional focus: focus on the business field, professional brand image
In general, the high-end brands to focus on a business area, in the field to occupy the top position, to the consumer is a professional brand image. Hans G Ya focus on bathroom products, SONY has always been in the development of electronic entertainment products, LVHM group, although different brands, but each brand is focused on a field......
Reputation Excellence: excellent customer reputation, a high degree of desire to buy
High end brand to customers is a good reputation, it has a high degree of desire to buy.

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