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Biodegradable plastic promotion is expected to obtain special legislation to support of the National People's Congress

发布日期:2016-3-19 浏览次数:480
"Promoting biological base and application of biodegradable plastics, is the need of the development of national advocate green, will effectively promote the construction of ecological civilization society."This year, the National People's Congress, jinan holy spring group co., LTD., chairman of the tang dynasty the Lin to vigorously promote biodegradable plastic bags, gradually overcome the advice of the white pollution to bring the two sessions.
The amount of plastic products in our country is still in the world
According to relevant data show that since June 1, 2008 nationwide since the execution of the "plastic limit order", reduce shopping bag 1.4 million tons, equivalent to save oil 8.4 million tons, 30 million tons of carbon dioxide.However, the traditional habits of inertia, at present our country shopping bag use reached 800000 tons per year.
Told reporters in an interview, tang Lin also gives the data like this: "nearly 80 million tons of annual production of various kinds of plastic products, more than 25% of the world's consumption of 300 million tons, is the world's first production, consumption power.
Improve the ecological environment, the use of biodegradable plastics is imperative
Promote the formation of green production way of life, to speed up the improvement of ecological environment, is still much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "period the main goal of the task.Overcome the white pollution, promote biological basis and the promotion and application of biodegradable plastics, is a profound change in green development.
To carry out the party in the 18th session of fifth plenary session put forward the concept of green development requirements, the response to the outcry of the people to improve the ecological environment, accelerate the biological base and the transformation and upgrading and development of biodegradable plastics industry.Tang Lin suggested, should from the following seven aspects to do a good job of promoting biological base and biodegradable plastics.
First, we should further perfect the industrial policy.
Support plants grown, especially in plant straw and lignin as raw material of biological base and the development of biodegradable plastics industry, reduce production cost, to narrow the price gap between general plastics.
Second, we should strengthen the collection and management of traditional plastic products.
To increase taxes on recycling to feedback biological basis and biodegradable plastics industry, promote the development and promotion.To further perfect the existing laws and regulations and severe environmental pollution of traditional plastic products a total ban on the production and use.
Third, we should develop the detailed living garbage classification packaging and specification requirements.
Experience both at home and abroad for reference, formulate garbage sorting charge standard, does not meet the standard of classification, and packing materials, improve their standards.Fees charged by garbage recycling enterprises, promote their healthy development.
Fourth, to strengthen the biological base and biodegradable plastics authentication and identity management.
Science develop product certification procedures and requirements, relying on the domestic and foreign have better qualification testing certification bodies, avoid third parties rent-seeking, prevent the "fake".
Fifth, improve the existing national and industry standards.
Environmental protection, science and technology department should study and work out as soon as possible to reflect product green low carbon cycle, the key indicators of performance.
Sixth, special legislation for the National People's Congress (NPC).
Enforce the biological base and biodegradable plastic products catalog, announced to the public on a regular basis and implement dynamic management.

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