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ZIJIN TECH to participate in the national stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises to apply for listed company executive training

发布日期:2016-3-19 浏览次数:695
ZIJIN TECH take part in the national small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology stock transfer system for listed company executives training, continue to work hard for companies to go public listing.

National roadshow sub-center shares transfer system by suzhou high-tech zone and signed a contract to build the shares transfer system, is also currently the only company shares transfer system is the first roadshow sub-center, concrete by suzhou high-tech venture investment group company.Suzhou high-tech venture investment group holdings group directly under companies for high-tech zone, is a regional operation of venture capital the government guiding fund management institutions, mainly to undertake regional science and technology investment and financing platform building and the new financial industry development.The roadshow sub-center for hall, road show center, media center, data center, r&d center, training center, "a hall, five centers" hardware construction has been basically completed, supporting software and services are the shares transfer system under the guidance of the company.Equipped with domestic first-class hardware equipment, adopted the most advanced media technology, can be synchronous transmission index of domestic capital market and stock trading information transfer system for enterprises, with the stock transfer system online seamless docking.The multi-function hall, video conference rooms, a VIP reception room, small meeting rooms and other supporting facilities.Suzhou high-tech financial plaza building carrier has been put into operation, one-stop service center in the suzhou high-tech zone, and collection services, venture investment, financing guarantee, science and technology of small loans, financial leasing, factoring business, and other financial services window, carrier multiple financial forms agglomeration, widely attracted all kinds of financial institutions, the presence of a financial intermediary service institutions, to form the regional financial development of science and technology concentrated area.Roadshow sub-center shares transfer system will be mainly geared to the needs of the whole east China region, for the quotation and listed company (the roadshow activities, related to the national business sector system meeting and training, a national shares transfer system opening ceremony as well as the related businesses to provide services, is the national shares transfer system is an important part of.At the same time will give full play to the radiating and driving effect of road branch, high-quality lead more financial resources to regional agglomeration, create the new three board service industry chain, in the high-tech zone to build a set of new financial industry development, otc and listing on the capital market trading, science and technology investment and financing at an organic whole, equipped with complete comprehensive financial service, strong information and data to support multiple formats of modern financial ecosystem, become an important driving force suzhou regional financial center construction and function of plate.

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