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Suzhou city leaders and leaders of the national development and reform commission lead my company industry-university-institute cooperation with universities

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In mid-march, in our city, under the guidance of leaders and leaders of the national development and reform commission of anhui zijin new material technology co., LTD. And China university of science and technology, anhui university manufacture-learning-research cooperation, jointly promote the establishment of graphene applied materials laboratory.Dr Chan (doctoral tutor, world-top polymer materials scientists, dean, national "one thousand project" talent importers);Dean Chen (doctoral tutor, national outstanding youth, cheung kong scholars);Professor wu (doctor of science, graphene materials experts);My company will be fully into the research and development and application of graphene materials, hope that through the joint efforts of the early turn graphene materials applied research subject to the actual production!
New material industry as one of the focus of the national strategic emerging industries, is the cornerstone of high and new technology industry development in our country in the future and guide, is the important foundation of our country become the world's manufacturing powerhouse.Countries also explicitly put forward in the "twelfth five-year" development planning should actively develop the graphene materials.Since was found in 2004, graphene has quickly become the global governments, research institutions and multinational companies continue to invest heavily the development of new materials.The European commission will graphene as the only two "one of emerging technology flagship project" in the future, with 1 billion euros for graphene materials research.Graphene has infinite broad application prospects, despite widespread application and industrialization has not opened the situation, but from the perspective of scientific prediction, it has become a key areas which cannot be ignored.Special properties of graphene will soon become the "nouveau riche" in the field of materials, especially in the composite material, touch screen, electronic devices, storage battery, display, sensor, semiconductor, aerospace, military industry, biological medicine and other fields have a wide use.China's rising importance for graphene field development to an unprecedented height, in planning and developing direction of technology and industrialization, achieve the synchronization with world-class level.A conservative estimate "in the next five to 10 years, the global graphene industry will exceed $100 billion", graphene will become "silicon after age" the potential for new material.It also can see the country from the side of expectations for the future development of graphene, as well as to the potential economic benefits of graphene.
Industry insiders predict that graphene when mass production, will be the next trillion-dollar emerging industries.Huge market prospects, make the global graphene research and development and investment boom.Graphene to create demand, are likely to set off a worldwide disruptive new technology and new industrial revolution.From the developing trend of the world, who are not willing to lose graphene development will bring great opportunities.

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